That has been the hashtag for all my posts during our stay at Paul B Johnson state park. We came up Friday since we have the prowler camper. I generally do Beach for my birthdays but on a new (to us) camper’s maiden voyage we don’t stray too far from home. We’re still here. Most of the other campers in our particular area at least have pulled out and gone home which makes for a very peaceful evening as we eat dinner and sip wine.

Trying to get back to me…..

To those that follow my other blog, I apologize. I went back and I looked at when I had last blogged. Actually, over the last seven weeks (yes, I know. I am sorry I have been such a slacker) I have been looking back over a few things. That is about all I have had the energy for as of late. I went back to work on the 28th of March. It was too soon, I think. I should have taken the extra week I was given by my Cancer Team, but… Sigh.

What have I been looking at besides cancer bills & such? Today for Mother’s Day we went to go see Avengers: Endgame. Took us until last night to watch the first 20 movies in timeline order so today was the day!!

As far as things I looked at online? I am actually thinking of deactivating my Facebook account. It came to my attention when, laid up with very little I could do, that I saw very little of what my 137 friends were posting. And of those 137, some are dead and 3 or 4 of them are dogs. Actual dogs. So why am I only seeing a few people? Unless I go to each person’s actual page, I see nothing of most of you. If it were not for the fact that my face-to-face art group and one online art group are on FB, I would probably ghost it.

Another thing I have looked at? I am in poor shape. Not that I was ever in really great shape before cancer but I am definitely not in good shape. I am stiff, sore, tired, and not as strong as I was before December. Surgery, then radiation, will do that to a person, I am aware. But I need to get back to where I was before all this crap and sooner rather than later. Back to the gym and resistance training. My shoulder is better but that is probably because I had a 10-week vacation from work.

Also, I looked at what brings me happiness as I battle cancer. I am learning to focus more on the things that bring me joy. Art. Journaling. Art Journaling. Camping. Scrapbooking. Walking our dog in the evening and catching up on each other’s days. Blogging about inconsequential things that you probably don’t want to know but, Gemini that I am, I am going to share. Connecting with others over coffee and chit-chat. Penpals. The way my art room smells. Time spent with family and friends. Our backyard.

I have some goals as I move forward into the 2nd half of 2019…see a GI doc mid-May. Get in better shape. Meet my new grandbaby mid-June. Get the all clear from my cancer team late June. Speaking of goals, I have not done a check-in on my 2019 ones as of late so here ya go:

#1) participating in my art group’s “Birthday Club” where we send a handmade item to those celebrating birthdays.


#2) 2019’s weekly scrapbook layout challenge over at the Scraptacular Cropping Club


#3) the 52 Weeks Being Me challenge over at the Words of Me Project

Met, but not really “feeling it”

#4) the Monthly lottery challenge in my ATC Art Group on IO Groups


#5) follow my budget and pay off my ALL debt by this year’s end

This is a work in progress but so far I am on target

Work calls early in the morning so I will leave you with this for now but know that I fully expect to be back here less than 7 weeks from now. 🙂